Friday, January 27, 2012

you paid how much!?!

So I admit, I am often fond of pricey things and once I'm stuck on something, I can't get it out of my head until I have it. I think the "you want what you can't have" theory just might be true! Well, clearly that just doesn't work for a family with a limited budget. On occasion I find something and it's on sale or clearance or I have found a way to create it for half the price. All of my inspiration for Ava's room have come from a number of blogs with these fantastic nurseries that are just drop dead gorgeous. Of course most of them have these big budgets I just don't have. And quite frankly I still would want to find everything at a discount even if I had tons to spend. I just can't stomach $1-2k on a tiny dresser or crib. Just think of all the shoes I can buy with that! So that brings me to my ultimate nursery splurge (ok, not really). I spotted this pillow in a nursery and it was perfect. Just perfect. Until I found out it was Serena & Lily and $88. HOW MUCH!? Yes, I said $88. For a toss pillow. Let's get real, no baby needs an $88 dollar accessory in their room. But of course I had to have it. I mean, it was perfect. So after a little time had passed I visit the website again and see this perfect pillow is on sale. For $39! Now that was getting closer to my style. But still, I waited on it. It would still be over $50 with tax and shipping and I was trying to be cheap. Well, sure enough, my cheapness paid off. I got an email with big letters "ALL SALE ITEMS, TAKE AN ADDITIONAL 40% OFF". Um, exsqueeze me? It was like music to my ears. I bought it without a single regret and it is fantastic!

Serena & Lily Punch Bloom Throw Pillow

(if you see something you love on sale, use code extra40 at checkout for an additional 40% off)


  1. Um amazing! Nice that pillow and it will be perfect in her nursury!

  2. I love nothing more then a high priced item for a fraction of the cost!

    Who am I kidding....I love a cheap item for a fraction o the cost! Lol.