Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a name for our daughter

When I got pregnant with Ashton, picking out names was one of the hardest things we went through. We both disliked majority of the boy names out there. All I knew was Avery would be the middle name. That was easy. It was my great grandfather's name and had been passed down to my dad and then to my sister and brother along with one of my cousins (don't quote me on that). I found Ashton on a name website and we both loved it. Naming a daughter I thought would be a breeze. I had loved Ava for a few years and really wanted it. I definitely kept my options open but unfortunately Jeff disliked every single name I suggested except Ava. Now I wanted to be set on Ava but I swear if one more person tells me it's too popular I'm going to scream. I have yet to meet an Ava nor do I know anyone who knows an Ava. And really, it's no where near as popular as some of the names of my generation. How many Jennifers, Jessicas, and Sarahs do you know? Yup, about a dozen each. For the past 30 years Emily has been topping the charts....I've known like 4 in my lifetime. So clearly, those name lists mean nothing and I'm going with my gut. Ava it is! Oh and she'll have a middle name...someday! But that's another battle Jeff and I will have to overcome.


  1. I love the name Ava and come to think of it haven't met anyone with the name! Only time I have heard it recently is on that show! Matt and I even discussed the name Raylan. (He sure isn't bad too look at either). Excited to hear what you come up with for her middle name!

  2. Damn all those people copying my unique name!!!! Lol.

    Popularity wise Brianna was very popular yet I knew 1 Breanna growing up & none since.

    And Trevor was almost Raylan. :) justified is awesome!