Thursday, January 12, 2012

breakfast for dinner

I always love when Jeff is home in the evenings. His work schedule is all over the place so we get just a few nights together. I not only get the company of my husband, but I usually get a yummy meal. He's an excellent cook and I definitely plan on keeping him around! He mentioned making french toast for dinner since we somehow have an abundance of bread in the house. This idea got an immediate heck yes as I looove breakfast. Especially breakfast for dinner. I practically demanded it when I got home and made sure he was making his delicious potatoes to go along with it. We devoured our meal and snuggled up on the couch and watched some Whitney and the new Are you there, Chelsea?. Couldn't have been better!
Did I mention we ate on paper plates so we didn't have to clean as many dishes!? 


  1. ...and now I am craving those amazing potatoes of his! I think I am going to have to volunteer Matt to make me some french toast this weekend! Yum my mouth is watering!

  2. this looks AMAZING. my mouth is literally watering!!