Tuesday, March 27, 2012

welcome home kitty

In late January we discovered our cat, GSXR (jixer), had escaped. It was a hectic week and we hadn't even noticed him gone for 24 hours. After realizing he wasn't anywhere in the house we got worried and frantically tried to remember the last time we had seen him. We realized that the night before we had heard scratching at the door. We convinced ourselves it sounded just like the cats leaving the littler box and left it at that. Unfortunately, it was GSXR trying to get back in. He loves to be outside but always comes right back in. We put up flyers around our neighborhood and called the local shelters. We got nothing. Just over a week ago I got a call that someone a few blocks away had seen our cat frequenting their neighborhood. He spotted an old beat up flyer that was still hanging and recognized the friendly neighborhood cat right away. It was nothing short of a miracle. We got him in the house and he raced straight for the food bowl. I gave him a flea bath and left him alone to get situated in his new old home. He was thin. I weighed him...11 POUNDS!! He had lost at least 10 pounds and it made me cringe to pet him. He was just so skinny. Well, he's been doing great and the cats are finally starting to welcome him nicely. He's gained almost 2 pounds and he is living life just relaxing as much as he can. We are so thankful to have him home but more importantly, that he is safe and sound. 
Enjoying some food after a bath


Thursday, March 22, 2012

a cute tray

I have been on the hunt for a tray to put on the changing table/dresser. A spot for things like diaper cream, q-tips, lotion, etc. I have seen tons of cute ones. But all in the $30-50 range so I was hesitant to get anything until I found the perfect one. On a stroll though Target I found a small wooden one in their dollar section. It was even an aqua color. And at $2.50 it became that perfect tray. I found some cute scrapbook paper the other night I thought would lay in it perfectly. I didn't like the idea of paper laying in here. I imagined night time changes in the dark and spilling something on it. So I grabbed a laminating pouch and trimmed it to size. Voila...now I can wipe it clean when I make a mess. Isn't it cute!?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

storing movies

Every day is the same. Ashton comes home and plays in the living room a little bit and by the end of his time there, I have at least one DVD case on the floor opened up. Not only was the ugly look of these movies in our tv stand annoying me, but so was the fact that he just could not stay away from them. So with some inspiration from my absolute favorite blog iheart organizing I found a cute and streamlined way to keep these eyesores out of sight.

I started out with The Container Store's 120 Disc Acrylic Storage Boxes. These are great because they come with the sleeves already and all of them are numbered. I have used a media key that I have filled in so we know where each movie is. Eventually I will add a separate box for video games and the kid's movies. 

I piled up the movies that were currently in our entertainment center. Divided them into categories (drama, action, kids, motorcycle, etc). I filled the sleeves and left room in between for growth. I added a chalkboard label and a piece of white card stock (until I find the perfect patterned one) to the front and TA-DA! Man o man, it definitely looks way better and Ashton hasn't touched it since.