Thursday, March 21, 2013

instagram lovin'

On most days I want to throw my phone through a window. I went from a 32gb to a 16gb iphone. Dumbest.thing.ever. I am constantly taking pictures of the kids and this POS doesn't hold hardly anything. Never again! So, whenever my phone is full I can usually rely on instagram to save me. I'm already obsessed but it also helps to have when my phone keeps telling me I can't take pictures (jerk). So here's a little instagram photo dump from the last couple weeks.

We took the kids to feed the ducks in Blackhawk for the first time. Ashton couldn't get enough. And seeing Ava's face light up at the ducks was hilarious.

With Ashton's HORRIBLE sleeping lately we decided to take the advice of some and transition him into a a "big boy" bed. I'm pretty sure it was the worst idea ever. He sleeps in it now, but not without throwing a few stuffed animals at the door and screaming for a little bit like we're the worst parents on earth for putting him through this. Ava sleeps awesome in her bed and one of Ashton's favorite things to do on the weekends is go get her when she wakes up. Melts my heart.

Spent St. Patty's Day weekend in my hometown. The kids had so much fun at the festival and were on their best behavior. This was Ashton's first time out of the house all day without a diaper or pull up. No accidents! (I am not counting the awesome poop accident he had 10 minutes before we left of course)

Sunny days have been frequent around here! That means park days! Can't wait for more. It truly keeps Ashton and myself sane to get out of the house.

Since Ava decided she was going to grow up, we had to lower her crib aka break my back ever time I put her in it now. Ashton is such a little helper and was all over it. Kid loves him some tools!

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