Friday, March 1, 2013

a looong break

Yeah, that's right. A loooog break. I lost focus and got busy. And I'm sure the two readers I have were super bummed. Hah! Well, I'm trying to get back on. At least as an easy way for family to stay up to date. Nana doesn't have facebook (I know right, craziness!). Everyone else is far. So, we'll rewind a little, get some quick updates on here over the next few posts and we'll be right back on track. Just in time to start some hardcore 1st birthday party planning! Who am I kidding, we've been planning for months now. Party planning is like crack for me. And I'm a self proclaimed addict.

So we'll start off with Ava. She's almost 9 months old and man this sweet girl is amazing. She is amazing in everything she does and she was amazing when she came into this world. And for those who don't know the story, amazing is a GIANT understatement. This girl thought she was some sort of superstar entering the world via the big screen.

It was a Wednesday evening. June 6th. Laying in bed trying to catch some Zs (at this point it was rare I ever got a good night's sleep). Jeff was next to me passed out. I felt some tightness in my stomach and a little cramping. Could this be a contraction? My biggest fear was not knowing I was in labor. I never had braxton hicks with Ashton and because I was induced with him and got my epi after a couple contractions, I was damn near clueless about them. So I thought, what the hell, and started timing. They started off 10 or so minutes apart, were painful and I was extremely uncomfortable. About an hour later they were around 7-8 minutes apart and growing in pain. Shortly after that I called the doc. She promptly told me that I needed to wait until they were 5 minutes apart for 2 hours. Is this chic crazy!? I'm 40 minutes from the hospital, one my second kid and know this is not a psych out. So I waited a little longer. They became around 6-7 minutes apart. I called my mom and she was pretty quick to tell me I needed to get my butt to the hospital ASAP. Coming from the baby factory herself, I trusted her knowledge and my gut. Called the doc again and basically told her I was going in. Got up, threw the stuff in the car and drove Ashton to our friend's house. God bless her for getting up at 3am to watch Ashton for us. Pulled up to her house and texted her we were there. It was 3:21 am. Then we hauled ass to the hospital. Looking back I am scared to think what would have happened should we have had to leave around commute time. Going around 90mph down highway 4, we were making excellent time. Until of course we pass a highway patrol. Yup, we knew it, we were being pulled over. Telling us to go the speed limit and asking if I needed an ambulance, the cop was very nice and let us go. Speed limit? I was about to have a car baby. No speed limit for us. Jeff raced off and about a half block from the hospital my body started to push. This kid was coming no matter where I was. Made it to labor and delivery (barely) and in 15 minutes and 2.5 pushes later, our sweet baby girl was here. At 4:21 am. Yup, exactly a hour after dropping Ashton off. She was the spitting image of Ashton. She was perfect and we were in love.

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