Friday, February 10, 2012

tinted mason jars

On my search for a aqua vases I found some tutorials on Pinterest for tinting my own. I love the antique blue mason jars which unfortunately are not in production anymore. There's plenty of knock offs and people selling their old ones, but I was getting kind of annoyed at the prices. I had the jars so why couldn't I just make my own? All you need are a few simple supplies. 

~Glue. Elmer's works great. I just happened to have 
some Martha Stewart Glitter Glue on hand 
already. It's basically the same thing.
~Food coloring
~Sponge paint brush
~Bowl to mix "paint"
~Vase or jar

Mix the around a tablespoon of glue with a small amount of water. I think I could have made mine a little thicker but it worked out in the end. Add food coloring to get the color you want. The finish lightens as it dries so it took a few tries for me to get the right hue.

Paint the inside of your vase or jar in even brush strokes. The mixture will dry pretty even. I did a few coats since I was trying to get the right shade. And every 20 minutes or so I would use my foam brush to get the excess along the opening off. Dry them upside down so you don't have that excess puddle in the inside of the jar. It's much easier to even out that out along the rim.

And there you have it. I love the shade and can't wait to get some flowers in them! 

**Note: these are not meant for live flowers in water. The water will break down the coating. I plan to use some crepe paper flowers or silk flowers.

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  1. Seriously the cost of the old blue ones are crazy. My mom and I have been looking at antique stores as well we as thrift stores and the prices are insanely high. Grrr! I will have to try this approach! Thanks for sharing